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World-class online Football English courses and resources to help players, coaches, fans and practitioners to better communicate the language of the beautiful game. 

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We help football players learn English - FAST

Do you need to better communicate with your teammates, understand your coaches more clearly, and speak to the media with increased confidence? In a matter of weeks, we help football players and fans to learn the English they need to succeed in the modern game, led by one of the UK’s leading English language instructors. It’s a fun and easy way to boost your Football English level. 

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Test your Football English level and experience a taster of our full course. Great for a top-up of your existing English skills!

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Expand your Football English ability in your own time and wherever you are with mobile and video learning options.

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Graded readers, language learner notebooks and Word of the Week picture book! 

A Unique Combination Of Online Learning And Tutor-Led Guidance

Accelerated Learning

HATRIQA’s program helps you quickly build up your English by combining proven learning techniques with a unique football-focused curriculum.

We help you accelerate learning English and develop your football-specific communication, providing an effective and balanced education which will give you:

  • More confidence when speaking about football in English
  • Better language skills to help you deal with real life citations outside the game
  • World-class learning materials
  • Supported self-study

Not Just For Football Players

Our courses and resources aren’t just for budding soccer stars or professional footballers in the world’s top divisions. 

Whether you’re a coach, youth manager or even a football fan who wants to improve their English ability by focusing on the sport you love, HATRIQA is the place for you. 

Learn more about how we work with clubs and organisations specifically below. 

Meet the team


Director of Education

Mark is a Teaching Fellow in English at University College London’s (UCL) Institute of Education.

He holds two English teaching qualifications from the University of Cambridge and a Masters degree from UCL. Mark also has extensive experience working in football and has taught players from the Premier League and La Liga, and coached the president of Barcelona.



A highly creative publishing executive with 30+ years’ experience in Sport, Media and Entertainment. 

Tim has deep knowledge of the soccer market in the USA, organised headline events at the United Soccer Coaches Convention every year between 2015-2019, and was selected to take part in the UK’s FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Trade Mission to Doha.


Creative Director

One of the world’s leading football-artists, Marcus has worked with UEFA, The FA, Bayern Munich, Chelsea FC, Arsenal FC, The FA of Ireland, Aston Villa, BT Sports and more. 

He designed the program covers for the 2019 and 2020 FA Cup Finals and has had an exhibition hosted by UEFA at their HQ.