Test your English level online!

Get your Football English score with feedback and recommendations to boost your English with our free online English level test!

Test your English level online

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Football English test!

Get your free Football English score with our online taster session, with recommendations on how to improve and what to do next. 

Why test your English level online?

Joining a new club

Want to communicate better during a game, understand more in training and team meetings? 

Take our free online English level test and check whether your English language skills are where they need to be.

Preparing to move abroad

If you want to join a club in a different country, you will need to be able to communicate with players, staff, referees and fans who do not speak your language. 

Even if you’re in a non-English-speaking country, English is the universal language that allows you to communicate with people from all around the world. This free online English level test will help you gage how ready you are.

Joining a new club

Football is the world’s game and English is the world’s language. 

If you plan to use football to work, study or travel abroad, this test will help you understand how ready you are.