THE online English Language Course For Football Fanatics

Learn English online with help from the beautiful game. In just a few weeks we help football players, coaches, fans and practitioners to learn the English they need to succeed in the modern game. 

Led by one of the UK’s leading English language instructors, our online English language course is a fun and easy way to boost your English. 

Learn English online HATRIQA

Why Learn English Online Through Football?

Joining A New Organisation

We teach youth players and professionals how to communicate better during a game, understand more in training, and engage fully in team meetings! Our research shows that players with better language skills integrate into the team better and subsequently perform better on the pitch. 

Transferring Players From Abroad

If your club regularly signs or tutors players from abroad, you will want to be able to communicate with them effectively as soon as possible. Even if you’re in a non-English-speaking country, English is the universal language that allows you to communicate with people from all around the world. 

Personal Development

Football is the world’s game and English is the world’s language. A level of English language proficiency is required by many youth soccer scholarships, and offering an intense 12-week online course for new recruits is a great selling point too. 

Meet the world-class tutor

Mark is one of the leading English language tutors in the UK. 

He holds two English teaching degrees from the University of Cambridge, a Master’s degree from UCL and is a Teaching Fellow in English at University College London’s Institute of Education, which has been ranked number one in the world for education every year since 2014. 

Mark has extensive experience working in football. He co-authored HATRIQA’s Football English curriculum and has taught players from the Premier League and La Liga, even coaching the President of FC Barcelona.

What You will learn

Students will learn all the Football English they need to succeed in the beautiful game, whether they’re a player, coach, or fan.

Learn the different player positions, from goalkeeper to centre backs, and wingers to strikers. 

Understand footballing terms such as shoot, pass, one-two, through ball and man on.

Ensuring they’re up to speed with the latest, ever-changing rules of football, including how to say offside, VAR, free kicks and corners.

Know how to tell club physios or management about their body, where they may have a strain and if they have a suspected injury.

Fast, strong, intelligent, midfield maestro… understand the unique language of footballers.

Everything they need to understand what’s happening on the pitch around them… aside from how to disagree with the referee!

Post-match analysis with coaches, management or even on the TV. Teaching the language of football analysis, from the high-press to overlapping full backs.

Finally, we help learners to understand the language of football results and upcoming fixtures, understanding the terms used in different league tables, cup draws and date and months too.

$995 per learner

A world-class Football English curriculum developed by staff at University College London’s Institute of Education, including:

  • Online learning materials
  • Video Content
  • Course Textbook
  • Course Workbook
  • Language Learner Notebook
  • Football English mobile app
  • HATRIQA Reader book
  • Grammar, Vocabulary and Pronunciation Exercises

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Your questions… answered.

12 weeks. There are 12 units with each unit taking 1 week to complete.

Each week the instructor, Mark, will introduce the tasks that learners need to complete.  These will be a variety of activities, interactive exercises on our app, using a pen and paper (yes, really!) and reading a best-selling football story. 

The instructor, Mark, will guide students through the whole course.  He will also post several videos each week explaining the aims of each unit, how to complete each task, and also giving useful study advice.

Professional football players, youth players, soccer coaches, youth academies, football-affiliated organisations…. Anyone who would benefit from learning to communicate better with their teammates, coaches, support staff, and anyone else in a football environment, such as the media.

The self-study kit includes a range of materials to help accelerate student’s learning, including:

  • Online learning materials
  • Video Content
  • Course Textbook
  • Course Workbook
  • Language Learner Notebook
  • Football English app
  • HATRIQA Reader book

Approximately 3-5 hours in total as a minimum.  Each task will take between 10-30 minutes to keep it fun and engaging.  But in total we expect learners to spend about 2-3 hours per week on self-study. We also encourage students to review their notes and re-do any tasks they found difficult, especially on the mobile app.