The HATRIQA line-up
of graded readers

Our graded readers are a series of easy reader books specially written to help you learn English. 

All the research about language learning shows that reading for fun is a fantastic way to boost your language skills. Our graded readers help with vocabulary, grammar, and even fluency.

English graded readers

Graded readers to help you think like an English speaker

By constantly being exposed to accurate expressions and sentences that tell a story, your brain starts to automatically form sentences in a more accurate way. And you will automatically start to pick up more natural phrases and expressions.

Basically, it will help you think like an English speaker. And best of all, it’s easy.

Based on Dan Freedman’s hugely popular Jamie Johnson Series, HATRIQA Readers are graded to your language level, so they are quick and easy to read, and they’re all based around football!

Follow the ups and downs of Jamie Johnson – a young football star on his journey from the playground to the World Cup. 

Legends of football LOVE the Jamie Johnson series


“It is a wonderful series.”


“If you like soccer, this book’s for you.”


“You’ll read this and want to get out there and play.”


“Jamie Johnson could go all the way!”


“An inspiring read for all soccer fans.”


“A great story about the magic of football.”

Meet the legend that is Jamie Johnson

Jamie Johnson isn’t just a legend in print… he’s also a superstar on the screen!

Which graded readers are right for you?

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