The manager’s notebook

Dive into the thoughts and theories behind Football English, the tactics to help you quickly learn a new language, and more deep-dives on the beautiful game.

The institution that launched HATRIQA has been ranked No.1 globally for the 10th year in a row

University College London’s Faculty of Education and Society (IOE) has once again been ranked first for education in the 2023 QS World University Rankings by Subject. 
How do footballers communicate with each other

How do footballers communicate with each other?

How do footballers communicate with each other? As the professional leagues become even more globalised, how can players effectively get their point across?
How Do Footballers Learn Languages

How do footballers learn languages?

Top players seem to have a knack for picking new languages up fast! Here’s a look at how footballers learn languages.
Soccer terms in Spanish

Soccer terms in Spanish

If you’re looking to expand your Football English, then here’s a super quick guide to some of the most popular soccer terms in Spanish.