Soccer terms in Spanish

Soccer terms in Spanish

Did you know that the three most spoken languages in the world of football are English, French and Spanish? 

As the world’s favourite sport becomes more globalised than ever, it’s becoming a necessity for budding superstars to be able to speak and fully understand more than one language. 

We’ve written previously about how footballers learn languages so quickly, and also how footballers communicate with each other on the field – with and without a shared mother tongue. As part of that piece, we looked at what some of the common universally-understood phrases are in the modern game, such as pass, offside and referee! 

If you’re looking to expand your Football English ability, then here’s a super quick guide to some of the most popular football/soccer terms in Spanish. 

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Want to test your Football English skills and see how many soccer terms you can recall in English? Check out our free football vocabulary worksheet now and see if you can remember nearly 30 essential footballing terms! 

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